Pressotherapy: What is it?

Linfopress Evolution Pro

LINFOPRESS EVOLUTION PRO is the result of the more than 30 years’ experience of Termosalud in developing highly effective pressotherapy devices for the treatment of lymphatic and circulation problems.

It acts on the lower part of the torso, lower limbs and abdomen.

And thanks to the incorporation of a pneumatic jacket, it also works on the upper lumbar, thorax, back and abdominal region as well as the upper limbs.

equipo de presoterapia
presoterapia sobre piernas


The objective of LINFOPRESS EVOLUTION PRO is to guarantee therapeutic well-being for the body, stimulating the circulation and lymphatic system in each specific zone of the body and eliminating an excess of superfluous interstitial fluids, relaxing the body and achieving an increased state of well-being.

Mode of action

The system consists of a set of pneumatic garments that adapt to the area and volume of the zone to be treated. Additionally, thanks to the intermittent compression method, the pressure is adjusted to suit each area of the body.

Our equipment applies alternate compression to different points of the body, to soothe and correct any disorders caused by poor functioning of the lymphatic and circulation systems.

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